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You can put your problems and questions to RUGDEE and I will try to answer it on this page. Not all questions can be answered due to space constrain but I will try my very best to do as many observations and replies as I can. Do feel free to keep the questions coming in. In order to study and analyse the questions I will need:
Birthtime (optional):
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Q & A: Can you please advice me on my future? Presently, I am going through tough times with my family life just falling apart and I am having great difficulties maintaining my finances, please help?PG
Rugdee:  Jupiter at the end position (12th) of your natal Moon. This spell trouble to your luck, family matters and the whole management of things. You'll have to tolerate till after August 2004 when the situations changes for the better. Family, Money and emotional happiness will start going good, forward and upwards!
Q & A:  My boyfriend has left me and I feel that being with him for seven years has turn out to nothingness. What are my hopes of him changing his mind and be united with me again?SC
Rugdee:The planet that rules your 7th house (partner) is in the 12th (endings) and will remain for the next two years. Even if by chance your boyfriend have a change of mind and return to you. I don't see the relationship holding grounds. Be happy with the past and be prepared for the new future.
Q & A:  I have just lost my job after 15 years working in the same position. My life is at the lowest point, and it is starting to  affect the other areas of my being. Please tell me what life has in store for me? RC
Rugdee:You have done well to stay in your work for a good number of years and now it is time to move on. The planet that rules work (10th House Lord) is in the 12th (ending). You're feeling low and that is understandable. Being a responsible person you need the life force of action to keep you going. In the Months of May and June 2004 a good job offer will appear and you can go for it! For now give yourself quality time and take a vacation if possible.
Q & A:  I have met this girlfriend recently and kind of like her.What do you see for my relationship with her and is she good for my future happiness?KN
Rugdee: Jupiter (Luck) is in contact with your natal Moon (Woman, feelings). You have met your match and the relationship will grow even stronger. Things will move so quickly that before long, you'll think of home, marriage and children. Enjoy your luck and the happiness that you truly deserved!
Q & A: : I felt cheated by Tom, with all his niceties, attention and I fell for it. The moment I told him that I was having his baby, He disappeared and no longer want to have anything to do with me. I SMS him like hundred of times but to no avail, what can I do in my present situation? MM
Rugdee: Accept the fact the Tom is no father quality and need lots of growing up. Saturn (responsibilities) is close to your natal Sun (man) obviously shows that this man is afraid of the responsibility. You'll have to do what's best for the baby and yourself minus Tom. Get family members and friends to help you out in your daily needs and routine.
Q & A:  Strange things are happening to me since this past six months. It happen when I move into this new flat. Friends who used to stay with me, now won't stay over-night. They say that they get disturb in their sleep and in the wee hours of the morning for unknown reasons and felt that my flat is haunted. I have had three break-up in relationships in this short span of time. I am miserable, empty and lonely. What's happening to me? JJ
Rugdee: A strange force (Rahu) is dominating your Moon (home, emotions and feelings). This mean you'll witness parting, ending and even cross-over of those in the family and closed ones. Yes, strange things happening in the home (flat), unusual misplacing  of things, movements of shadows, especially if your flat is facing North. You can get a Feng Shui master to help to retify the problem or better still move into a new place if that's possible!

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