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Ruth Soroka is a consultant in mystical development and had advice many from all walks of life. She speaks to the cross-over and has uncanny insights. She has her practice in Western Australia and can be contacted at her e-mail address, this is her life and experiences she is sharing with you.

 My clairvoyance started when I was five years old. I would see people who had passed over and they would have a conversation with me. Even at that age I was able to forecast the future. These events continued right throughout my childhood.

At the age of 16 I foresaw my brothers death. From this time on this gift became stronger and other abilities started to come to me. I could feel trees and plants growing, I had the ability to feel animals emotions, such as when staring into my cats eyes I could sense a taste of cat food and I experienced the cat cleaning itself as if I was the cat, I felt that I had whiskers and fur.

 As my abilities started to grow I experienced levitation, jumping time, sensing peoples emotions and experience their physical pain. For instance, I was woken one evening to my body levitating off the bed, I remained that way for a few minutes until my body gradually came back down to the bed. As it happened I looked over to the clock and there was nothing on it and I thought the power must of gone off.

 I went back to sleep and woke in the middle of the night and looked at the clock and it read 2.22 ( 22 minutes past 2 am). I thought that was strange because the clock was back on after my earlier experience in the evening. At that time, lights came through my window

 I heard my daughter's voice, the front door opening and my daughter going up the hallway, I yelled out to her but she didnt answer so I got up to speak to her, she was not there. I went to the window to see her car and it was not there. I went back to my room and the clock still read 2.22, I thought this was strange but I went back to sleep. I was awoken again at 4.22 am to the same event that happened 2 hours prior but this time my daughter was home.

 The next day I had an argument with my ex husband and I experienced this again before the event had happened, so I knew exactly what the argument was going to be about, and I am still having those experiences to this day.

 Because I knew I had these gifts I have enhanced my abilities by learning Palmistry, Reiki 1 & 2, Aromatherapy. I have also developed a natural ability to read the body through massage and I can also read Auras and have done a lot of channeling as well as work a lot with the Shakras.

 I do the Kabala Tarot readings and also read feet, I have studied numerology and did one year of Astrology studies.

 I have worked with a lot of people with disabilities to enhance their life.

 I am invited to funerals to help loved ones because I see Angels and the messages that the deceased pass on before they go on their journey.

 I have done work with Regressions and have a lot of success with people, this has involved clarifying and changing the past into something positive.

 I have done some study in the different fields of mystic but most of these gifts have come to me naturally. I am currently doing a lot of work with people (helping them with the other side) and giving loved ones messages to comfort them and as a go between. You can get in touch with me through my e-mail and I'll be glad to help you in the best way I can.



Ruth Soroka

Rugdee Astrology Australia
3 Hanrahan Loop
Kardinya 6163
Western Australia
(08) 9337 5859
Open 7 Days