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By Chris Lambert

When Jupiter makes an aspect to either a planet or to a sensitive point in the Natal Chart, such as the Ascendant, the Midheaven, or the IC, or indeed to its own Natal position, then certain energies become available for expansion.  This can equally apply when Jupiter enters into any house of our chart, since there can exist great opportunities at this time to explore and expand into those areas of life that relate to the domain that rules the house concerned.

The planet that Jupiter is aspecting, or the sensitive point in the chart that is being aspected, is likely to receive a jolt of energy, a boost as it were, presenting opportunities to expand in that area of life which relates to the planet concerned. If we are consciously aware of this time frame, it may conceivably enable us to harness that energy much the way a surfer might harness the energy of an incoming wave, or a sailor taking advantage of the wind. Being oblivious to this opportune moment may also mean losing out on a very favourable moment in which to take a step forward in life.

Firstly we might consider the most sensitive points of the chart, that is the Ascendant, the Midheaven, the IC and the Descendant.

When Jupiter passes over, or makes an aspect to the Ascendant in our chart, this is usually a very favourable time frame to be considering branching out into something new, starting a new job, commencing a study into something new, perhaps begin a new friendship or personal relationship. The Ascendant represents how we commence things, how we reach out to the world and strive to express ourselves as effectively as we can. So an aspect from the benevolent planet Jupiter is an excellent time to be looking at, and possibly making adjustments to, the manner in which we go about making new starts in our lives. How we present ourselves to the world.

Are we normally shy, reticent, reluctant to take on and face new challenges? If so, this might prove to be a very favourable time to be examining that aspect of our nature and making whatever adjustments we feel could help us to be more expressive, more open, more courageous, more daring to try new ways of doing things in the future. Most importantly, whatever energy we invest at this juncture of our lives is very much akin to investing a large deposit into an investment account at the Bank. It will start to grow and accumulate.

If gardening or horticulture happen to be important aspects of your life, you would no doubt take full advantage of certain seasons and weather conditions, to say, enrich the soil, add important nutrients, or to fertilize certain plants. So too, being aware of this influence may help us to plant the right sort of conditions which, in time, may well provide a far better result and more fulfilling rewards than if we were to let this opportunity simply slip by.

Similarly, when Jupiter makes an aspect to the Midheaven in the chart, this is an ideal time to be looking to our long term future and taking advantage of any opportunity that may be available to us to enhance our future career. If there has been something missing in our work or professional environment, this is likely to be a most favourable time to be taking a step towards something new. Expansion is one of the key words that seems to be very apt for this influence, and with that keyword in mind, it may be helpful to examine just where we can expand ourselves in terms of future career prospects. Learning a new skill, adding to our present skills, further education, courses, seminars and workshops could all prove to be very valuable at this juncture of life. It helps to be consciously aware of such things.

Jupiter making an aspect to the IC in the chart may often coincide with changes being made to our living conditions, whether that be simply making small changes within the home, to renovating, painting a room, adding an extension or even moving house completely. There is usually some degree of expansion felt or experienced regarding our home environment that brings about change to the home or our living conditions. This is a very favourable time frame to be buying a new home, a plot of land, or simply moving house.

When Jupiter aspects the 7th House, some degree of change is usually experienced in the relationship department. This might be getting engaged, married, moving in with a partner or even moving out, if things have proven to be somewhat difficult in the relationship arena. Since Jupiter is associated with expansion, this influence will more often than not cause changes to take place within relationships that encourage growth. Even if this means parting from someone very dear, this may prove to be the very thing that enables the relationship to grow and evolve, although-be-it on a totally different level altogether.

Research has shown that, relationships that have outgrown their shelf-life, very often come to a close when Jupiter moves into the 7th house of the chart. This may happen without any desire on the part of the parties concerned. The Universal Intelligence that surrounds all things, is already aware of the need for such a change, and so, change takes place. Whether we like it or not.

Jupiter aspecting the Sun will add more zest and energy into our lives at this time, and would be an ideal time to be taking on new challenges to enhance the quality of our lives. New activities, new challenges, searching for new opportunities to grow in the personal sense are all highly favoured under this influence. The house in which the Sun resides, and all that is related to that department could very well undergo some degree of growth and enhancement whilst Jupiter is making its presence felt.

If the Sun is resident in the 10th, then the career stands a very good chance of enhancement and expansion. If the Sun is resident in the 2nd, then monetary values, things we own, land, income, property, the manner in which we earn our income are all under the microscope and could well be enhanced during this period. Being aware of this period could prove to be of great practical value.

When Jupiter makes an aspect to Mercury it can provide opportunities for us to expand our usual thinking patterns. This would be an ideal time in which to learn something new, a new skill perhaps, be open to new ideas and philosophies of life. Involving oneself in study, being open to seeing things differently, opening the mind in any way would be ideal with this beneficial influence. Anything we do at this juncture to expand our mental horizons will prove to be very beneficial in the future. Nothing planted at this time will yield little beneficial results in the future.

Aspecting Venus could well see a shift or a change taking place in the area of friendships or personal relationships. Our love life might be given an extra boost with this pattern emerging, as too the source or the manner in which we earn our income. Taking a step out into something new at this stage could prove to be very rewarding, providing a certain degree of caution and common sense are employed.

Aspecting Mars might bring new energy and drive into focus, providing the impetus to strike out in a new direction, to summon up the courage to take a chance in life. This would be an ideal opportunity for those who may have experienced some degree of difficulty in revealing self confidence or self-assertion, to embark upon a course of some kind, enabling them to awaken this latent energy within them. If you have been somewhat shy and reticent, found it difficult to speak up and express how you really feel, this could prove to be a turning point for you, if you take advantage of this wonderful planetary energy pattern. It only comes round once every 12 years try not to waste it.

Whenever Jupiter makes an aspect to its own natal position in the chart, this is always a good time to consider breaking camp and heading for new pastures. This could equally apply to searching for better accommodation, a better job with improved financial remuneration, better prospects for career advancement, in fact any move that has the prospect of opening us up to something different. This may bring up a degree of fear, regarding financial security, family security, or keeping abreast of financial commitments.

Jupiter making an aspect to Saturn could well see the ending of constraints, such as moving away from a restricting job or relationship. The presence of Jupiter can provide an opportunity, but it is up to us to take advantage of that opportunity.

Aspecting Pluto may bring a much needed shift and change that could transform our lives completely. This may coincide with an ending chapter in some area of life. That may brought to us by circumstances or we may feel the need to bring such changes about. Whatever action we take at this juncture is sure to transform our life on some level.

It helps to have an understanding of this influence, in that it always brings with it the urge to expand and to be involved with something different, but it only ever brings an opportunity into play. It does not force or coerce us to take any form of action. This we have to do on our own.

Those, in the pages of history, who have heeded the call of this influence, have always been grateful for taking the initiative and making an important shift or change to their lives. Jupiter calls for an expansion to that part of your life that you have now outgrown, even if you are not consciously aware that you have outgrown this part of your life.

Taking action at this time, under the favourable influence of a Jupiter transit, almost invariably brings with it, a chance to upgrade our life in some way even if we are not too clear as to how that might happen.

Jupiter encourages us to take a leap into the future and rely upon our faith!!!!  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.



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