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By: Gerardine Rugdee

You'll find the 3rd Lord from the 3rd placing of the Moon Sign or the Ascendant. Say, you have Taurus as your rising or 1st house, then the Moon will be your 3rd Lord as it is the natural Lord of Cancer. If you have your Natal Moon in Virgo, then Mars is your 3rd Lord as it is the Lordship of Scorpio. Look at the chart and you'll get the feel of it.

3L in the 1st House: You’ll make a good negotiator and an idea person. It is likely that those from up-state or the region could “click” well with you. You’ll have little problem getting feed backs and news, that are happening around.


3L in the 2nd  House: Most o your best earnings will rely on good contacts, quick information and the people related to your financial interests. The more advance ideas you develop for improve income, the better will your earnings, and wealth creation.


 3L in the 3rd   House: Put most of your effort on planning, information technology and activities outside your home base. You got the gift to make discussions stimulating and far reaching. Transport and machines will be important for your achievement.


3L in the 4th  House: You could do well with negotiation on family issues and property matters. Focus on these matters and you could gain good results. You are likely to have a home away from home. Try to have a meeting or conference room at home.


3L in the 5th  House: You are likely to get your affection involved with people who you enjoy conversation with or with those who share your thoughts. You’ll make a good mentor or teacher. You’re good at thinking and talking, and evaluating risk factors.


3L in the 6th  House: You could get trigger happy with relationship over ideas and making them into critical issues. There is that urge to stir activities and send others raging mad. Slip of the tongue, and impatience is the action you badly need to avoid.


3L in the 7th  House: You need a partner, close mate, who is able to response and can keep the conversation interesting. It is likely that you’ll get a partner from the neighbouring region or go in partnership with one there. Best ideas from oppositions.


3L in the 8th  House: You could do well dealing with negotiations, with loans and private matters. You’re constantly with ideas to increase on your holdings and reserves. You prefer to have more than one source both locally and in others places as well.


3L in the 9th  House: Your ideas and plans are always upgraded. Others will have a tough time keeping up. You’re constantly dissatisfied, and seek for betterment and improvements. You have the habit of an inventor or innovator and very progressive.


3L in the 10th House: Work or business that deals with communication and mobility can be your best choice. You’re likely to have a workplace near an important highway. You work well with ideas of future plans and with people or activities in the region.


3L in the 11th House: You could impress groups with your ideas and views and be a voice in the community. You have unusual and instinctive way of expression. Many of your friends could be or come from away places. You’re blessed with lucky ideas.


3L in the 12th  House: You will make a good litigator or dealing with settlement issues. Your ideas are usually critical but necessary. You’re adamant in getting your own views across and not afraid to take it to “make-it” or “break-it” level, all or nothing!

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