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Aries Opportunities are indicated in partnership affairs. You find that you

are lucky through the support of another, some good development take

placed for your partner and better half.

Pisces  Good times for dealing with loans, credit and insurance matters. You 

 could hear happy news with money matters and you can gain support from

 the right people with the powerful financial connections.

Aquarius  Progress is here for the making and you'll have good dealings with 

journey and overseas matters. This is a wonderful time for education and all sorts

of progress and improvement plans.

Capricorn Future advancement can now be made and you could gain from

business/work or job promotion. You'll feel confidence with opportunities and with

luck that is on your side backing you up.

Sagittarius An increase in the area of friendship and people you meet will mostly

have common interests. Your psychic and intuitive powers are amazingly increasing

even to your own surprised.

Scorpio You are now under-going a reality test and what works steadily before will

now work differently. Try to prune your interests so that it will grow better, which

means even having to lose some to gain for the future.

Libra The best time for new beginnings and advancing personal interests. You will find

it a challenging  time personally and it is strongly motivating like a new spring .

fountain in life and for taking-on new interests.

Virgo  The prospects on finances is good with money making opportunities that

will now appear. You can start to strengthen your position and wealth. Put your income 

in a position for progress and be willing to take chances with your instincts.

Leo  It is very likely that you'll be consumed by positive ideas. Communication is the

key to success. Even dealings within the region brings lucky prospects, and transportation

could prove beneficial. You'll just love most of the gadgets appearing now.

Cancer Home and family interest will be of great importance and with reunions. You

can benefit from  buying, selling and improvements made to property. Happy news

from family members. Property dealings and relocation are just great.

Gemini An action time for your love, social and children interests. You will be filled

with positive thoughts that keep on flowing in. An auspicious occasion or good news

from children and loved ones. Many new attractions and distractions in love.

Taurus  Opportunities only come through responsibilities and the willingness to 

identify mistakes. You can turn bad situations into new opportunities by studying

the weak links. Health needs care now. Be willing to help those in need!


Rugdee Astrology Australia
3 Hanrahan Loop
Kardinya, 6163
Western Australia


Rugdee Australia