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By: Chris Lambert



Aries is ruled by Mars, and its symbol is the Ram.  Aries is a Fire sign, impulsive and energetic.


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and thus, it represents new beginnings.  Arian's are typically  full of creative energy, enthusiasm, and a great inner drive to prove themselves.  They express themselves through action and are constantly seeking experiences that give them the opportunity to prove they are the best. Competitive souls are Aries people, and mostly like to participate in activities to win, not taking kindly to coming in second. For this reason sporting activities and athletics will very often have lots of appeal. This can be emphasised if Mars also happens to fall in a fire or cardinal sign.


There is little timidity in those people under this sign - like the Ram, Arians are confident doers who often forge ahead confidently, regardless of the consequences.  This impulsiveness can sometimes lead to problems when they leap before they look.  They are not afraid to take risks or to gamble to have their way.  If they can temper their impulsive drives, Arians can accomplish much and be successful leaders.  They constantly seek to be the best at whatever they do and would rather have recognition, fame and fortune than material wealth.


Arians crave independence and often seek positions of authority.  Optimism runs through their veins and it is hard to discourage them from tasks they have begun (However, they are notorious for not finishing what they start). Their high-spirits are very contagious and are rarely daunted by fear of failure. 


As friends Arians are high-spirited and generous, though sometimes they could do well to control their competitive impulses and be more aware of how they affect those around them. They can be somewhat self-concerned [though not necessarily selfish], and lack sensitivity to the feelings of others. They must learn tact and diplomacy when dealing with others.

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