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By Chris Lambert


*Sun conjunct Ascendant [Or resident in the First House].

You are likely to have a strong influence on other people, whether you are aware of this or not. This placement usually conveys the benefits of a radiant personality. You have the potential and the capacity to shine and stand out in life, which provides you with a wonderful opportunity to make the most of your talents and skills. You will need to bear in mind that this can be used to your advantage, but be careful not to allow this quality to make you overbearing, arrogant and self centred, which is always a strong possibility if not watched carefully. With the Sun in such a prominent position, this often makes for somewhat of an powerful nature and one that has the potential to go far in life.

 With this cautionary note it is highly likely that you will make a big impact upon most people that you meet, and should be quite capable of rising to whatever challenge is presented to you in life. You are born to take the initiative, be the leader, be adventurous and pioneer un-chartered territories of life. It is through such activities that you are likely to make the most of your potential in this life. You may like to play centre stage at times, which is all very well, provided that you are always mindful of the rest of the cast, and the significance of their roles as well as your own.

 *Moon conjunct Ascendant

Your emotions are a prominent part of your personality. You are sensitive and intuitive. Your mother may have been a major influence in your life. Since the Moon is so frequently changing its appearance, you too may often go through this need to change your appearance, with an eye to perhaps always being abreast of the current fashion and trends. However it may also be that you prefer to appear somewhat different than other people, preferring your own unique style of dress and appearance. You may also appear moody and changeable to others, and only put on the face that you feel is appropriate for your mood at the moment. You are likely to be highly intuitive, and could readily 'pick up' on what other people feel, although you may not be aware of this on a conscious level. Picking up the mood of the public would be very easy for you, and you could very easily 'play to the audience' knowing exactly what the public want to hear. For this reason you would make a very fine actor or actress.

 *Mercury conjunct Ascendant

Communications will most probably play a major role in your life. You are mentally alive, inquisitive, curious and enjoy discovering new ideas, which you will also want to share with other people. You may need to guard against the temptation to talk about yourself, and only subjects that interest you; a need therefore, to develop an interest in other peoples thoughts, ideas and opinions. A career or vocation that enables you to use your considerable communication abilities needs to be explored.  Just be careful that you do not over-talk others, always be prepared to listen, as much as you like to talk, and expound your oratory skills. Try to develop a spirit of enquiry, rather than always wanting to talk about those things that interest you the most. You may like to hold the floor, but please be aware of the other actors in the play; they have something to say too.

 *Venus conjunct Ascendant

You are likely to be a warm and attractive person, with an urge to be involved in relationships. Other people are likely to be attracted by your charm. Art and creativity may also play an important role in your life. You may place a lot of importance upon your appearance, or the appearance of those that you meet in your everyday life. Try not to judge other people by the clothes they wear, or first appearances.  You may find you wish to associate more often with those people who appear good looking, attractive, fashionable or popular at the time, and value appearances more than appearances really warrant. Simply be careful not to get too carried away by physical appearances the latest fashions, keeping up with the Joness, and, above all, avoid vanity. Try always to combine a sense of modesty and appreciation of other peoples qualities, and not become like the Queen in Snow White, constantly checking mirror...mirror on the wall. This placement would suit anyone wishing to utilise their attractive appearance and physical charm towards their career or profession, such as a model, hairdressing, films, acting, drama or fashion, together with all things associated with ones appearance and appeal to others.

*Mars conjunct Ascendant

You are most likely to be an active and energetic person, with plenty of spontaneity and drive to express your individuality. You may sometimes be a little blunt and straightforward. You may therefore need to be aware of the need for a little tact and diplomacy in your dealings with others, since you may, quite unwittingly come across as being too direct and even forceful. This may not be your intention at all. Be very careful that you do not come across as being too assertive. This energy pattern may provide a tremendous amount of get up and go, seeking always to explore new horizons and try new ways of expressing your physical energy, skills and strength. This would be an ideal placement for those who might enjoy pitting their strength against the elements.  Military interests and activities, martial arts, etc. may well be appealing, as too, all activities that may relate to combat and warfare, arms and ammunition, challenging the elements, as would be found in being a member of the elite S.A.S. for example.  Equally, this placement could well feature prominently in the charts of those who excel in the fields of athletics or sporting activities, since the energy imparted by Mars would lend itself well to both the competitive spirit and the expression of the physical drive and stamina.

*Jupiter conjunct Ascendant

You will be known as a seeker of knowledge. This may be through travel, study, teaching, religion or philosophy. You are likely to appear a very optimistic and a buoyant type of personality, jolly, cheerful and full of good humour. However, this may also be just a mask you wear to shield some of the inner insecurities that you do not wish others to see.  You may need to be very careful about your food intake, since being overweight in later life through overindulgence can often be a problem if not carefully observed. By and large however, this placement is a very favourable one indeed, adding a great deal to your confident approach to life. You are likely to appear as a larger than life type of person, able to display more confidence and enthusiasm than perhaps you really feel at the time, but of great benefit to those around you who may be sagging somewhat. You have the gift of being able to inspire confidence in others. Look out for opportunities that are likely to be available to you every 12 years, when Jupiter makes a pass over sensitive points in your chart.

*Saturn conjunct Ascendant

You strive to be seen as a responsible person. You may be inhibited from expressing yourself as confidently as you would like in the early part of your life, but in the long term it could prove to be a blessing. Unbeknown to you on a conscious level, you do have the hidden potential to gain that confidence in maturity, even gaining a position of respect and some degree of authority in society in later years.  This can manifest by way of feelings of inadequacy and an inferiority complex felt in the early years. Take heart, it really does fade with the passing of the years, to be replaced with a sense of confidence and ease of expression. Learn to recognise the fact that each time you are required to take a step out into the unknown, and away from familiar territory, you will have to over come certain degree of fear. Once you are aware that this is simply one of the challenges that you specifically wrote into your own play, then you can accomplish a great deal without too much needless worry. Later on in life you will find that you will often be sought out as an authority figure in some way. You can learn to carry that authority with a degree of confidence.

*Uranus conjunct Ascendant

This aspect means that it is absolutely vital for you to be free to express your individuality, and may rebel if anyone attempts to stifle your independence. You like to meet life in your own unique manner, and have plenty of original and exciting ideas to share with humanity. Since the Ascendant has a strong bearing upon your appearance, and how you wish to appear to the world, you may choose to dress in an unusual manner, a unique style of your own, even to the point of shocking others.  Indeed you may get quite a kick from behaving in a manner that stands out from the usual and accepted code of behaviour. Unusual clothes, hairstyles, choice of friends and companions may be a way of you being able to express your individuality to the world at large. You may physically appear somewhat different [taller] than your friends, family etc. and enjoy that feeling of being different!! Others may see you as sometimes being somewhat abrupt, cutting off quickly from things that do not interest you personally, and you may give the appearance of being a little cool, aloof, detached at times. By being conscious of this, you can learn to excercise that little bit more patience and understanding where other peoples feelings are concerned, rather than just cutting people off mid-sentence because you have lost interest in the subject matter under discussion. You may realise with maturity that there can exist a tendency to act quite impulsively at times, suddenly change direction, or your mind over some issue, often surprising others. There is something of the revolutionary about you, although this may not be too evident in the early years. It is with maturity that you are more likely to come to terms with your need for independence and your own individuality. A need to do things your own way.

*Neptune conjunct Ascendant

You are a sensitive and imaginative person, and this may prove to be a blessing,  or a curse.  It could provide sufficient imagination to inspire a sequel to Jurassic Park, or Star Wars, if used constructively, but by the same token, it may also make it rather difficult for you to define your own boundaries in life, allowing others to ride over your feelings and requirements.  There is likely to be ample opportunity in life to learn all about defining your boundaries one way or another. You may appear rather dreamy to others, not making yourself and your intentions very clear, so it is important that you constantly strive to make it very clear indeed that what you say, is indeed, what you mean. 

Confusion in how you present yourself to others can be a very common manifestation of this particular placement. On the other hand, it can also make you very psychic, receptive and mediumistic which could prove to be of great benefit to those in need; just make absolutely sure that you don't go through life constantly being a martyr to those people and causes that are not really in need of one. Always be aware of defining your own boundaries, and making yourself and your intentions very clear to others, don't leave things to chance, and hope that you were heard correctly. Chances are, you weren't. You do not have to be spotless and squeaky clean to be accepted by others, just be yourself, warts and all, you will find that you are perfectly OK just as you are. Don't try and please everyone.

Working behind the scenes in the service of the community, expressing your compassion and caring for the less fortunate could well play a theme in your life, either by choice or by happenstance. There is something about the healer within you that you could well tap into and harness at some point in your life; it is certainly worthy of exploration.

*Pluto conjunct Ascendant

You are a powerful and insightful person. Other people will sit up and take notice when you are around. You have an intense side to your nature which will make an impact on your surroundings. Pluto has a lot to do with power, authority and control, manipulation of other people and circumstances, but this is not always apparent at first sight.  You may also dislike being on display, preferring to remain in the background, not feeling too comfortable being in the public eye, or under scrutiny. It can make you feel very vulnerable if you are singled out to speak about yourself, or your feelings on how you view things. You are likely to be a very private person, and with a certain degree of intensity about you, whether you are consciously aware of this or not.

You may even be quite secretive about yourself, yet have an uncanny knack of being able to ferret out the most guarded secrets of others.  Investigative is a word that could describe you fairly well. Try not to be too powerful and controlling of others. The intense magnetism you exude may not be at all obvious to you, but you may be somewhat surprised at how certain people are drawn so strongly to you. They probably sense your inner potential, and the power you carry within you. 

You are quite likely to meet rather powerful, or controlling persons in life, and some of those encounters are likely to be somewhat intense. There could have been some trauma connected with your birth into this world, perhaps there was a degree of danger around, or your mother may have experienced some degree of trauma in giving birth to you, or there may have been a threat to her very life in experiencing the birth of a child. There may also be some degree of secrecy surrounding your conception, perhaps a skeleton in the closet.

*Chiron conjunct Ascendant

You either have an inclination to help other people discover their true potentials, or will undoubtedly discover this particular quality as life unfolds. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer and his placement in the chart reveals where we are most likely to discover this potential within ourselves. This will come from your own lessons of self-discovery through emotional, psychological or even physical wounds that you may experience in life. Spiritual healing and teaching may play an important role in your life. There may well have been some deep wounding at a very early age in one way or another, though this may now be locked away from the scrutiny of your conscious mind. This may give you some degree of difficulty in liking yourself or be critical about your own appearance. With maturity, you will overcome this. There may even be some degree of physical impairment that is a continual wound to your sense of personal well being. This does not have to be a physical disability or blemish, it could just as easily manifest as a degree of difficulty in accepting your body and its appearance. This placement endows you with a special quality of being able to heal others in some way, be that by the laying on of hands, or some form of counselling, either way this quality will manifest in later life for the benefit of others.



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