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By Chris Lambert

 Sun conjunct Midheaven:

With the Sun as the most elevated planet in the chart there is every chance that you will either a] have a strong desire to rise to a prominent position in life, or b] possess the potential to do so [whether you consciously acknowledge this potential or not]. Any role that places you centre stage or that offers you the chance to shine out there, in the eyes of the public, should fit quite comfortably. This placement can even suggest a role in life wherein you could be considered quite well known or even famous. Those with this placement would do well to learn at the earliest age, how to project themselves in public most effectively, if they wish to express themselves to their full potential. This position of the Sun can also suggest a craving to be seen to be successful or playing a prominent role in the eyes of the world, a craving for fame even. Certainly it provides the potential to achieve some degree of recognition in life through ones profession or career.

This placement can also suggest that there is a potential to play a leading role in some department of life, whether this is recognised on a conscious level or not, the potential is there nonetheless. Others may look to you to take the initiative or to take a leading role in some way, certainly circumstances are likely to arise that present opportunities for the development of that potential. It helps enormously if you have some idea that this hidden potential is just waiting to be cultivated and developed to its full potential. You are not meant to play the role of a wallflower in this life with this placement, but to seek opportunities from which you can shine out there in the eyes of the world.

Moon conjunct Midheaven

On some level, [even subconsciously] you are likely to crave some form of recognition for your achievements in the world. You are also likely to be very sensitive about your role in public, and may seek a sense of security from your chosen profession. This placement can suggest that you choose a profession in which you look after others, a caring role perhaps. Your mother may have had a strong influence on your life direction. Whatever profession you care to select, you may discover that catering to the needs of females, or promoting products and services more concerned with female interests would have a better chance of success than those more male oriented. There may also be a fair amount of fluctuations experienced in your work or your career. With the Moon as the most elevated planet in your chart you are endowed with an innate skill in terms of having the ability to appeal to the public, possessing the capacity to sway the minds of the public. Should you ever feel the desire to stand for the local community, local council, public speaking or politics, you might surprise yourself at just how effective your words can be on others. Knowing this might just tip the scales in overcoming any fearfulness encountered when asked to speak in front of an audience, bringing your hidden talents into focus and enabling you to maximise your hidden potential.

*Mercury conjunct Midheaven

Communication will play a key role in your chosen profession. You may choose a career such as writing or teaching, publishing or transport related. Education is likely to play an important role in your public life. Be mindful of not talking too much about yourself, and voicing your opinion on issues that you feel strongly about. Try to cultivate the art of a spirit of enquiry about how others feel and view things, since this aspect can denote too much self interest, and little regard to the views and opinions of other people. Public speaking may well feature in your career, so it could be very helpful to have experienced some training in this area in the school years. Your career could also be related to children in some way. This is a very good placement for a teacher, lecturer, public speaker, radio personality, writer or someone who facilitates training programmes.

*Venus conjunct Midheaven

You may want beauty to feature in your public life. You may choose a career in the arts or the beauty/fashion industry, and you may beautify your surroundings at work. Careers that have something to do with the subject of grace, art, beauty etc, could feature strongly in your chosen profession. A good placement for a Diplomat. The cosmetics industry would probably be a satisfying outlet. A number of  people surveyed in the film industry, who have this particular placement follow occupations in which they take on the role of beautifying others in the makeup department, prior to the actors going in front of the cameras. There may be a desire for a job, career or a profession that is more attractive than the average run of the mill type occupations. a job, career or any occupation that involves getting oneself dirty, soiling ones hands, anything grubby or unclean would not sit comfortably for anyone with this configuration. Anything associated with the arts, drama, culture anything that has a degree of refinement will certainly appeal.

*Mars conjunct Midheaven

You are likely to have much energy to invest in your chosen profession. You are also likely to be ambitious, and possibly competitive in your field. Sporting or athletic activities may feature in your chosen profession. Many prominent military commanders and leaders would be likely to have this aspect, since it adds a certain degree of risk-taking, daring and bravado. Martial arts may well appeal, such as an instructor or teacher of such skills. There would need to be an element of excitement and challenge involved in any career or occupation that you follow. Sitting at a desk pushing papers around would soon wear thin for you. You are more likely to want to be involved in some degree of physical action, where you can pit your strength and your energies against the odds. Taking the initiative and having the courage to follow through your instincts and your inner convictions will provide you with the most fulfilling type of career challenge. You may have to guard against rash decisions from time to time, particularly when you are all fired up about something, this can be your Achilles Heel, and you would do well to avoid making rash decisions when you are feeling angry or in the heat of the moment. There is a strong call for leadership with this configuration and you are most likely to excel in this area, taking command of situations. If you are not aware of this very natural inbuilt potential, you will no doubt wake up to this at some time in your life.

*Jupiter conjunct Midheaven

You will probably be inspired to seek adventure in your public domain, the freedom to explore unknown realms, whether this be the physical realms, or the realms of the mind. A good placement for someone aiming for the role of a leading church dignitary, a teacher, an educator, lecturer or therapist; in fact any role that may inspire faith in others. A good placement for a missionary, since Jupiter can provide the necessary faith and zeal to encourage and inspire others.

The placement of Jupiter in the chart will point to the domain of life through which we can expand the most in this life. As the most elevated planet this could suggest the expansion of knowledge, broadening not only ones own visions but sharing that knowledge with the world. Certainly teaching in one form or another would be an ideal medium through which to express this energy. This could also point to a desire to rise above the traditional, accepted and orthodox beliefs of society, stretching the mind to encompass higher learning and philosophies beyond the norm.

As the largest planet in our solar system the earth would fit into Jupiter over one thousand five hundred times, with room to spare. This could also suggest that there is the potential to rise to a position of some importance in life, one that carries a degree of status and prestige; something grander than just the ordinary and the mundane. This may not be at all evident on a conscious level yet prove to be a hidden driving force urging you to make something of yourself in the eyes of the world.

*Saturn conjunct Midheaven

You are likely to be hardworking and responsible in your chosen career, as well as having fairly high ambitions. You will certainly want to achieve a certain amount of financial security, and will be prepared to work hard at building the tangibles into your life. These may well manifest more through the partner you choose than through your own individual efforts, though both are highly possible. This placement of Saturn can often coincide with setbacks early in life, a certain degree of shyness, a lack of confidence, a strict parent, perhaps a lack of emotional support or demonstrations of warmth.  Fortunately this usually fades with maturity and experience, to be replaced with a degree of authority and confidence. Once on the right path, you will gain the respect of others and probably rise to a position of authority and responsibility.

Subconsciously you may want to be looked up to as an authority figure, and may choose the well established roles through which to express your career skills, with traditional values high on your list of priorities. A Government position could well have some appeal, or some other position that offers a degree of authority. There can often be a degree of strictness associated with a parent in the early years with this placement, it can reflect also that the father figure may have held a fairly responsible role in his life, perhaps a public figure, or someone who held a fair degree of responsibility. So too, this can suggest a father who may have been very responsible with regard to his public standing and his position in the community, but found little time for demonstrations of overt warmth and caring on the more personal level.

*Uranus conjunct Midheaven

You will most definitely want the freedom to express your own unique ideas in your public life, as you make your contribution to society. You are likely to enjoy change and variety, and may make sudden career changes or possibly experience such changes thrown at you. You may prefer an unusual type of career or occupation, one that offers adventure and excitement, danger even, but certainly one that does not rely upon too much routine and regularity. For women, this can often be found in the charts of those who choose careers and professions that are not normally associated with females, such as working on a mine site, driving a truck, or diving on sunken wrecks: perhaps something that has a touch of the unusual about it. For men, this can be found in the charts of those who often face danger in their given occupation, explosives expert, racing driver, jockey or life saver.

Your chosen profession would need to incorporate an element of the unusual, the original, and allow for a degree of freedom of expression. You may be seen by others as highly independent, original and even somewhat out of line with conventional thinking. You will probably seek a career that encompasses the potential to be able to make your own decisions, rather than following strict guidelines laid down by others. You are more likely to want to follow your own rules, and will not take too kindly to having to toe the conventional line in terms of your career.

*Neptune conjunct Midheaven

Your public life will ideally reflect your artistic and/or spiritual nature. However, early in life you may feel confused and lost over your life direction. Once on the right path, you have the ability to be inspirational in your career. There may well have been a certain degree of fantasy surrounding your early imaginings with regard to your ideal profession, and they may have been rather dreamy and even far fetched, glamorous and more like a fairy tale. Your career could have connections with water, liquids or gases and fluids in some way, or your career may take you over, or under water such as Marine Biology, deep sea diving, or oil exploration. This configuration can also suggest that there may have been an element of confusion regarding your direction in life at the outset.

Neptune is also associated with spirituality, a seeking for something that transcends the mundane and the ordinary, a merging with the infinite. With this placement close to the Mid-heaven, the most elevated point in the chart, it can reflect something that we aspire to in terms of our professional life and our career. Teaching would certainly provide an outlet for this energy, as would philosophy and higher learning. Any form of work that might help or deal with the less fortunate in our society, the disadvantaged, the sick or disabled might have some appeal, as would some form of social work, or counselling.

So too many mediums, clairvoyants plus those who channel on behalf of spiritual beings frequently display the planet Neptune as the most elevated point in the chart. Since Neptune is the tuning fork into higher consciousness, these folk very often have innate psychic qualities and make fine mediums, spiritual teachers and clairvoyants. There is often a desire from a very early age to search for some higher truth and through spiritual transformation these people come into their own finding their true niche in life. 

*Pluto conjunct Midheaven

You are likely to be powerful and resourceful in your chosen career, and may have a transformative effect on those around you. For this reason, you make a better leader than a follower. You are likely to seek a career that enables you to excercise some degree of authority, without which you could feel powerless. Try not to become too controlling of others, even if you believe it's for their own good. You may need to guard against the desire to control and manipulate others to do your bidding. Your father may have been a very strong influence in your life, possibly even a rather controlling figure, who may have seemed all powerful, or who held a very powerful position in the local community. A career or profession that involves deep research, uncovering things that are hidden from view, things that society may deem unfit for public airing, subjects that may deal with death [ a coroner or homicide might be examples] and subjects that would normally be considered taboo, may well feature in your life. Certainly there will be a very strong drive and desire to reach a position in life where you have some degree of control and authority. A powerful career or possibly one that is secretive in some way may also feature in your life. This might suggest a career of profession akin to the Police, the FBI, CIA or any covert operation where secrecy is of great importance.

*Chiron conjunct Midheaven

You bring much wisdom to your chosen profession, but only after facing your own feelings of inadequacy. You may choose a career as a healer or teacher. Counselling in one form or another could well prove to be a fulfilling means of expressing your innate talents. A parent may have been badly wounded in a public sense, or wounded through their public life. You could become a leading public figure in the healing field, certainly the potential is there should you ever care to cultivate it.

*North Node conjunct Midheaven

It is highly likely that you will make a great deal of progress in life through a career or an occupation that places you in a role enabling you to serve the public. This might include politics, the local council, chairing committee meetings, speaking in public, the theatre or even a role in the film making industry. The people that you meet through your career are those that are able to promote your interests and further your growth. Just ensure that you combine the interests of others along with fulfilling your own. Try not to get too big for your own boots, which is likely to be the challenge you face with this configuration.

*South Node conjunct the Midheaven

This configuration could well imply that you will meet many people through your career and interaction with the public, with whom you may have shared past lives. This could suggest that you have been a popular and even an important person, with stature and power in a previous life.  In this life, you may find that you need to learn more about playing the back stop or somewhat of a less significant role in life. There may be less glamour, less of a chance to stand out, to appear important or hold a position in life that warrants any authority. This may prove to be rather frustrating, particularly if you have always been afforded respect in the past, where, perhaps, your word was law. There may be a need in this lifetime to learn more about humility, which does not condemn you to a life of servitude, but simply that of learning more about service to mankind, and to others, without too much thought of personal reward, splendour or glamour. This is what you have to leave behind: the desire for recognition by others. This is your challenge with this configuration.


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