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By Rodger Rugdee

  • The Aries child can be very restless and will always want to be on the go. Being the first sign of the zodiac family, this child likes to lead in every way that is possible. With Mars the in-house ruler, you can be certain that this child will live an active life with boundless energy. If patience and focus is being instilled in this child, there is no reason why this Aries child could not be a big time winner.
  • Do you know that the Taurus child may seem a slow starter and might cause some early concern for the future. Fear not for this Taurus child though slow, is a sure footed child. This Taurus child builds on a strong foundation and most of them Taurean are better secured after their 30 years of age. How they do it is simply amazing, but when they do it (build security) they do it better than good!
  • With a Gemini child, you never know which way they are really coming from. They are excellent talkers and can work things out in an interesting manner that will hit your soft spot. They know how to present themselves in such a cute, fine, sweet and charming manner, that you get suckered all the time, every time! Gemini child have the sure fire enthusiasm for new things, people and situations. They make life interesting and at the same time unreal.
  • Cancer  child can be a loving child with that caring and concern nature. They are always concerned about the "whys" and "what for". They start off early in life with their emotional display and if you watch their facial expressions, you will see an old soul in that little one. they are very protective towards family members and home properties. This child has got to learn that life is not as bad as it seems and adapt with the changing times. Otherwise, hurt feelings would be harboured and problems that need not be, get retained.
  • Leo child is huge on pride and has that natural sense of ruling over others. Born to be free and independent, this child has the will to succeed. As long as there is life, hope seems to hold well with a Leo child. Socially a Leo can sweet talk into the hearts of others and even be a community leader. Leo child can be very loving and demanding at the same time. Encourage them with music and creativities and soon your Leo will be showing the true sense of ingenuity for being an influential leader.
  • Virgo child do work very hard to be the best in whatever they do, but when they are under pressure, you'll just have to let them have their say and grumble away. They mean no real disrespect, but can be a real pain watching them relieving their frustration. You have a real "mumbler" to content with. Just watch a Virgo "finger point" at their close ones while talking. They do make drama of themselves unknowingly. Virgo child can learn to relax if fed with humour, listening to music and even going out too.
  • Libra child likes to be pleasing and hopes for a well balanced life. They are more likely to be working with the mind and in observing people and situations. Once a Libra child is upset, life becomes like a torture chamber. They tend to hurt themselves rather than face the unpleasant realities of life. Try not to put this Libra child down with words that make them feel inferior, as their results will go from bad to worse. Encouragement and fantasy works best for their ego, because even though they are quite aware it's not true, they just love it!
  • Scorpio child love changes and they need to move things around. In the process, they do misplaced things, but they are certain that they left it there and would get pretty upsets. Their feelings run very deep and even at a tender age they can make believe that fascination is a love dream. They love to talk in a big secret term and hush-hush is good by them. Scorpio makes a good team mate and will be supportive to the one they care for. Hurt a Scorpio child and you will have an outburst and stampede that's simply unbelievable.
  • Sagittarius child like to be treated like a grown up and if you can do that, you will have a very intelligent child speaking like they've just read the encyclopaedia. That little fellow with the smart brain power will astound others. It may seem irritating, but a Sagittarius child will automatically correct you in the way your words should be put. If you can afford it bring your Sagittarius child for travels and to historical places as some good inspiration will come out of it!
  • Capricorn child are more reserved and can even be timid. They are business like that they tend to equate dollars and sense at an early age. So if you are frequently bothered with "how much is this" and "how much is that" don't be put off. Capricorn child can be rather calculative for their sense of survival. In a way they like to get their facts right and if they are encouraged with a right mentor, they can be "light-years" ahead. The important thing this child needs to learn and that is, not to be all work and no play!
  • Aquarius child are pretty futuristic in their thinking and are big on hopes and desires. Just listen to the things that they want and want to do and you might think that you've got a "crack-pot" for a child. Not so, this child inspire dreams ( even though unattainable at this time) and will at the appropriate time turn it into reality. No harm to go along and encourage your child's well channelled future. Aquarius will mix with what may seem strange friends, just for the joy of sharing ideas and different mindset. 
  • Pisces child has the habit of being where the trouble is, even though unintentionally. This child has got a big heart with sympathy for the lesser privileged. Simply like to help others and protect them whenever possible. You have a real social worker in your home whose big on giving. The more you show dislike to a certain group, the more likely this child Pisces will feel that you are not giving others the chance to be themselves. Encourage your Pisces child to learn about cultures and the different ways of life and beliefs. They are fascinated by the mysteries!



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