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One of Aussie's best Astrological Consultant with years of practice, and with clients from different walks of life. He has an unassuming nature and often deep with observation and thoughts. A dedicated researcher and a social worker, giving his time and effort to the lesser fortunate and the homeless. A man that anyone will be proud to call friend and he is certainly "Chris Lambert" my dear friend, regards - Roy Rugdee

Neptune is probably the most difficult planet to explain, since it is the most nebulous of them all. The actual Glyph for Neptune is both the symbol for higher consciousness, the yearning for something more spiritual and ideal, and the longing for a merging with the infinite. It can also can be closely associated with our own intuitive awareness, our ability to tune into others, and even cosmic consciousness. Those people born with a strong connection between Neptune and one of the personal planets will undoubtedly embody some of those characteristics, and probably a whole lot more besides.

Neptune has a strong association with a desire to help and assist those in need, those less fortunate, the lost, the oppressed, the downtrodden, the helpless and the weak. This can be the sign of the compassionate soul, always there for everyone else but themselves. These folk can often find it very difficult to say NO to those in need, and will all too often sacrifice themselves to a noble cause, or to someone else who may be seen to be in dire need.  These people will probably have greater difficulty in defining their own boundaries, they can all too easily merge into other peoples lives. This can be most beneficial for the medium, the psychic and the healer, but not so helpful in the more practical, everyday world, where certain boundaries are essential if we are to maintain our own identity, and individuality.

Sun/Moon/Neptune people can be amongst the most inspired artists, poets, musicians and painters, but they may possibly lack the necessary practical application to mobilise that incredible potential and talent into something tangible. They may simply dream and fantasise about producing that inspirational play, or write that long planned best seller. All too often this influence can provide all the imagination in the world, it just takes a little elbow grease and practical application to translate those ethereal dreams onto canvass, or the written page. 

Neptune in aspect to Mercury could someone who can so easily tune into other realms and produce the most inspiring words to a song, or the most moving piece of music, yet experience great difficulty in making life work in the world of mundane reality. Neptune aspecting Mercury could also suggest an interest in things mystical and spiritual as well as a mind that can so easily tune into the psyche of others. These people are often found to be remarkably psychic or mediumistic, though they may be quite unaware of where this intuitive quality comes from. Given the necessary training or discipline these folk can make very fine mediums, healers and clairvoyants.

Not all those with this connection in their charts are fortunate enough to bring those imaginative and inspired gifts to the world, for Neptune is also closely associated with escapism and avoidance of the harsher aspects of mundane reality. There are many who have found that the harsh rigours of life so difficult, that they have sought to escape through one means or another. More frequently these days we see so many people turning to drugs, alcohol and certain substances that alter ones perception, an escape from a reality that does not fit in with their anticipated ideal. Neptune is also very much to do with Idealism.

Perhaps people who use such substances, do so in order to numb out  that which they find too unpalatable, that which does not fit in with their ideal vision of how life should be.{ It is interesting to note that Neptune rules both liquids [alcohol] and anaesthetics, both of which are frequently used substances that numb us to some degree.}  Many a famous composer and talented performer has been known to fall prey to the use of drugs and alcohol [Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Bix Beiderbeck, Emmet Ray, Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, Elton John, Freddie Mercury to name but a few ].

It is quite common in Astrology to see this aspect in the charts of people where one parent was seen as weak, or absent in some way [either physically or emotionally].  One parent may have been an alcoholic, or perhaps may have had medical problems that may have necessitated the use of drugs as medicines. Shirley McLaine has such an aspect in her chart  [Moon Neptune], and in one of her books makes mention of the fact that her mother was a very ethereal woman, overly sensitive, and lived in somewhat of a dream world.  She was never really there for her as a child--- the lights were on, but there was no one at home.

This connection can also imply a missing parent, someone who worked away from home, a father at sea perhaps, a mother who spent a fair deal of time in hospital, or who was not always in the best of health, and their presence was not really felt.  Often too, this can suggest a parent who was seen as a very kind and gentle soul, with a great deal of sensitivity, but somehow not providing the strongest of role models.

Finally, Neptune rules such places as hospitals, prisons and institutions that house the less fortunate, the mentally and physically ill.  This can often translate into a desire to work in such environments, serving the needs of those who do not quite fit in with the rest of society. There can be something of the martyr complex with this connection in the chart.  Joan of Arc, for example, had Neptune in the 12th House of her chart, and sacrificed her life for what she believed to be a worthy cause.  A wonderfully supportive role perhaps, and very noble too no doubt, but eventually there was the Neptunian sacrifice in that she lost her own life fighting for a cause in order to benefit others. This is so often typical of those who have a strong connection between Neptune and either the Sun or the Moon in their charts.



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