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By Chris Lambert


Although Pluto is, to our present knowledge, the furthermost planet from the Sun, surprisingly it seems to have a very powerful impact upon the planets it touches in our natal chart. This could be by way of a natal aspect, or by way of a transit from Pluto to our natal chart.

Some of the qualities that have been associated with the planet Pluto are that of power, authority and control, manipulation, plus obsession, possessiveness, death, regeneration and transformation.  So too things that are taboo, subjects that have largely been kept secret, the closely guarded aspects of life that have, in the past, been left unsaid. The darker side of our sexuality and our most secret desires, things that are covert, or murky in nature, the unsavoury, seamy side of life, together with lifes crises, all seem to come under the umbrella of Pluto. Not surprisingly was Pluto considered the God of the underworld given that little package to handle.

Interestingly those who have a Sun/Pluto connection in their chart are very often endowed with an incredibly strong survival instinct, enabling them to survive the most difficult, even life threatening situations, very much like the proverbial Cane Toad.  There seems to be an incredible energy source within them that enable these folk to overcome the most trying adversities, and live to tell the tale. The sort of person who, given up for dead, will, at the very last moment, pull back from the brink of the grave.

Pluto is also associated with death and transformation, so that those born with a strong Sun/Pluto aspect may often find that either they impact very powerfully upon those that come into their lives, or they will attract other people who will play out a similar role for them. Relationships with these folk are almost invariably transformative, in one way or another. Those with this connection in their charts will all too often go through life experiencing many life and death scenarios; there rarely seems to be anything half-hearted in life for them, experiences are almost always intense and full of drama and passion.

The word Power is closely linked to Pluto, for these people almost invariably experience this quality in one form or another in their dealings with others. There can be a strong need to BE IN CONTROL, both of lifes circumstances and also in control of other people too, which can all too frequently make for some rather intense power plays with others. This can equally manifest in another sense, that of attracting people into their lives who are controlling, powerful and domineering. By doing so, it is quite conceivable that the partner so attracted, is actually reflecting a part of themselves that they are afraid of owning, or have disinherited, subsequently it manifests as an external source.

Frequently this aspect can be found in the charts of those who are particularly drawn to people who are wealthy, those who carry clout and authority, even though such relationships are not always particularly rewarding or personally fulfilling. Such folk may well be living out their own unrealised potential through such a relationship.

Pluto is also related to extremes, and again those with such a Sun/Pluto connection can frequently be found going to extremes in certain areas of their lives. These folk can be extremely powerful, extremely jealous or possessive, perhaps extremely arrogant, angry or even extremely violent. Though this should not be read as a foregone conclusion. There seems to be something very passionate about their whole demeanour, nothing half-hearted seems to fit such people, always going to, or experiencing extremes in their lives, one way or another.

A good example is that of Vincent Van Gogh, he experienced a tremendous amount of intensity in every quarter of his life, and as history reveals,  he spent a fair amount of time in places of seclusion, even a mental asylum, eventually committing suicide. That smacks of a pretty intense quality to life. There was a very close aspect between Pluto and his Sun, he lived his life with a passion, and with such an intensity that it was all too much for him in the end. Furthermore both planets were resident in the 8th House of his chart, that department which is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto, both of which are related to INTENSITY, PASSION, DEATH AND REGENERATION.

If we can identify this particular aspect in our own chart, we might have more of an opportunity of being able to manage that particular energy all the more constructively. We obviously cannot just ignore or obliterate that particular quality, but with a conscious awareness of it, we might at least learn to harness that energy more effectively. The planets only supply us with that energy pattern, it is up to us how we choose to apply that potential.

Pluto aspecting the Moon might suggest someone who experiences their emotions on a very intense level, finding it difficult to understand the intensity of their emotions. Maybe such a person was not encouraged to speak up about their feelings as a child, or parents may not have been overly demonstrative, leading to a degree of uncertainty about expressing ones emotional feelings. So intense can the emotional nature be, that such folk may find it very difficult to talk openly about their innermost feelings, and subsequently hide what it is they truly feel. This aspect can often be found to denote a powerful mother figure, someone who may have been somewhat controlling or manipulative even. There can also be a degree of possessiveness with this combination, either on the part of the mother influence, or within the person whose chart features this particular combination. Alternatively this may manifest in the relationship arena by attractive powerful, controlling, possessive or dominant partners. Whatever the scenario, you can be sure that those folk who have a Moon Pluto connection in their charts will experience a degree of intensity in the emotional arena.

If Pluto is in close aspect to the planet Mercury, which relates to our thoughts, the manner in which we arrive at our conclusions, together with the way in which we think and communicate with others, then this might suggest one who is rather secretive, not trusting others too easily. This could lead to being somewhat obsessive about certain ideas or beliefs. Pluto can also have the effect of hiding, concealing or burying anything. Those with this contact in the natal chart can all too often take on some of those very qualities, that of being secretive, fearful of opening up to others, and can act in ways that are covert, even underhand.  Their  work might possibly involve the keeping of secrets in one form or another, or indeed, uncovering other peoples secrets.

Pluto is investigative, suspicious even, so that those folk with this connection might be rather private, protective and guarded about themselves, yet exercise that same investigative quality to unravel the secrets of others only too well, whilst giving away very little about themselves.  They make very fine detectives and private investigators for this reason. Their own motives are mostly well concealed however.

Another example might be having Pluto closely aspected to Venus, which could suggest an obsession about wealth and money- one aspect of Venus.  So, instead of being obsessed about the accumulation of wealth, perhaps that energy pattern could be harnessed to raise funds for charities, worthy causes for the less fortunate and the underprivileged in our society, rather than for purely personal gains. This could also suggest a degree of intensity regarding relationships, another aspect of Venus, which could translate into possessiveness or jealousy regarding ones partner. Power struggles can very often be part and parcel of any relationship with this aspect between Pluto and Venus.

Pluto aspecting Mars might manifest as well concealed rage or anger. Maybe it was not appropriate or acceptable to display anger as a child, or circumstances in childhood could have been such that secrets had to be kept over sexual matters. Often this connection can reveal skeletons in the closet regarding early childhood experiences, or something in the family history that has been kept secret, hushed up. This connection may also suggest someone who has intense likes and dislikes for certain people. It may also mask hidden or repressed sexual tastes and desires, the Marquis DSade type of personality, the person who may be somewhat obsessive about sexual matters. This does not suggest perversion at all, but could be seen as an interest in unusual approaches to sexuality, a strong desire nature, one that thrives on frequent sexual stimulation in their intimate relationships.

Pluto Mars connections very often denote a high sex drive, even to the degree that the whole subject of sexuality can become somewhat of an obsession for those with this contact. This is not to imply that those folk with this aspect are sex maniacs or people who are likely to be a menace to society, but that there is all too often a very strong desire level for sexual satisfaction. Those with this connection in their charts are not likely to be happy with a partner who just wants to make love once or twice a week. Once or twice a night might be more in keeping with their idea of a fulfilling intimate relationship.

With an understanding of the influence of Pluto in the natal chart we at least have some ideas as to how the pattern might manifest, and so be all the more prepared to handle it more effectively. Without an awareness of what the energy of Pluto imparts to us, we can become controlling, wilful and obsessive, simply because we are unaware of this influence in the first instance.



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