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By Gerardine Rugdee

Health is one of the most important thing in your life, without which, you are under
constant difficulties and dependant on others. Try to moderate in whatever you do
and you'll have the best in living where your health is concerned.

Aries: The health problems that you are likely to experience are headaches, insomnia
giddiness and even problems with the eyes, ears and teeth. Seeing, smelling and
tasting are likely to be the health discomfort.
Taurus: You'll need special care with your neck and throat. These are areas that
can be easily troubles by infection, inflammation or soreness.
Gemini: Your sign show that your weakness will be your hands, arms and lungs.
Your respiratory system like asthma, pneumonia, chest pains and infections are
most likely.
Cancer: Problem with your stomach, digestive system and even breast. Pains
or cramps in the abdominal area and even stomach ulcers. Problem with
food intake or disagreement with certain food.
Leo: The heart and upper part of the spine are your weak area. Avoid doing
strainous things that could cause damage to the heart and over life things
that can cause spinal problems.
Virgo: The intestinal tract, the large and small intestines, spleen, duodenum
pancreas, and bowel. The nervous system and constipation are likely problem.
Libra: The kidneys, lumbar, vertebrae and lower part of the back. Pains to
the lower back are often the result of incorrect posture.
Scorpio: The sexual and reproductive organs, bladder, anus and the processes
of elimination are health problems you want to keep a close watch.
Sagittarius: The hip, buttoks, thighs, sciatic nerve and liver.
Occasional bouts of sciatica and pains in the lower back.
Capricorn: The knees as well as the whole skeletal system and the skin.
Prolonged period of skin troubles. The knee joint and kneecap can be painful
or subject to injuries. Fractures,  fall, rheumatics or evenn arthritis.
Auqarius: The calves, ankles, circulation of the blood. Sprained, sore, swollen
weak or deformed ankles.
Pisces: The feet and toes, the glandular and lymphatic system. Foot discomfort,
ranging from sore, aching or cold to really painful. Can produce an excess of
fluid in the body.

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