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By Richard Rugdee

The 1st Lord means the Planet that rule the 1st House from the time of birth or from the Moon position. Say if Leo is the 1st house and Sun is in the sign of Libra, it is call the 1st Lord in the 3rd House. If you have Cancer as your first house and the Moon is in Capricorn then you have The 1st Lord in the 7th House. Look at the chart properly and soon you'll get the feel of it!

1st Lord in the 1st House: A strong and self made person who is willing to take chances. They are true to themselves and their cause and purposes. Usually they have a positive outlook and willing to take on and try out new interest.

1st Lord in the 2nd House: Money and position are big interest to them and they are all for comfort and security. They are willing to take the hard road to achieving success. Realistic to the practical needs of life and are motivated.

1st Lord in the 3rd House: Good negotiator and communicator they are with interest to go regional. They make good planners and like to listen to information and get lots of feed backs. They can chair meetings of ideas.

1st Lord in the 4th House: They need to be with closed ones and family to feel the foundation of their being. They are all for family and the home interests. They can do better with a close group or with a family team or family business

1st Lord in the 5th House: A person with a strong mind, active thoughts and quick wits. Is usually popular in social life and draw lots of admirers and attraction as a lover. Good for dealing with the younger or children affairs.

1st Lord in the 6th House: One who is a good trouble shooter and can run interferences. Will do well with the work force and will give what it takes to solve problems. They need to watch their hair, eyes, ears and nose problem

1st Lord in the 7th House: Personal success or failure could be affected by the choice of partner they choose. It is doubtful if this person will do very much for themselves without the strong attachment of a partner or a closed union.

1st Lord in the 8th House: A private, confidential, sensitive and secretive person they are. They usually have a plan A, followed by plan B and even plan C for their back-up. They are viable and resourceful and even changeable to adapt.

1st Lord in the 9th House: A knowledgeable person who enjoy to go forward, onward and to self-upgrade.  Likely to have lots of foreign friends and blend comfortably with different cultures. One who love to do research and progress

1st Lord in the 10th House: A futurist with boss-like qualities. Ambitious and a natural leader. Will do well in business and can gain prominence in the chosen career. Their work life is very important and will like to work to the end.

1st Lord in the 11th House: This person will have good group influence and are somewhat a dream maker. They are ruled by inspiration and expectations. They can make strangers and acquaintances feel like long term friends.

1st Lord in the 12th House: A high tendency to getting in and out of trouble. Love to take risks and going for broke. This person will have closed shave with life and death. They like to make their own rules as they go along through life.  

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