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When things are on the down-side, it is best not to take aggressive risks but to prepare the grounds to plan the future, and to avoid falling into the pit-falls of uncertainties.


          Aries: Major concerns will be with home, family and property matters. Extra responsibilities with closed ones and even with the home expenses, with the likely increase in repairs. There is possibility of parting of family members.

          Taurus: Communications and Agreements could give you the run-a-round Promises made are mostly not kept for some reason or other. Dealing with machines, Transports are likely to be heavy repair bills.

          Gemini: You be going through tough and challenging times with money dealings and it is likely to put you in an insecure position. Expect to do lots of cutbacks and keep a tight budget. Income could slack while expenses flourish.

          Cancer: Personal affairs and relationship came under difficult times. Youll have to jump hurdles to get things started or even going. Expect to take more responsibilities and to be weight-down by personal limitation and restrictions

          Leo: Parting with the old and on with the new. Do expect changes and breaking away with situation and people, you had long held interest. Some will be going away, others will be crossing-over and some will not find you suitable any longer to be with.

          Virgo: You could be affected by low self esteem and easily lose your spirit and inspiration. You once exciting group of friends could be people you now no longer have interest in or with. Youll be looking out for new group with common aspirations.

          Libra: Business, work and the future will give you a whole new perspective and youll be doing a lot of rethinking and restructuring for your long-term future. No more will you want to let others have the better of you, and your interest will centre on you being more self-help to your self and to your work interests.

          Scorpio: You could find that making progress could be slow and even those who were supposed to help you tend to come too little too late. Dealing with Education needs extra effort and some trouble news from abroad. Travel, immigration and customs could be rather discomforting, likely change of plans or delays expected.

          Sagittarius: Youll need to raise funds and to reshuffle present situation. Take extra care when dealing with tax matters, and with loans, credits and joint ventures. Matters of trust can turn to be big issues. When money goes wrong, nothing much really goes right. The over-budget factor needs watching!

          Capricorn: The WE will quickly become You or Me. Partnership and marriage will run into difficult times, in love or in business or as a union. You tend to invite more opposition than you intent to do. If you are in a partnership, the other party may want out or could give you a hard time about present relationship.

          Aquarius: Health matters will be very important now. This could be of those closed and dear to you or that of your own. Dont be surprised if at work, those around who are supposed to do their thing pass-on their responsibilities to you. You are damn if you do and you are damn if you dont. You could be pulling short straws with your present work luck.

          Pisces: Love and the uncertainties of the relationship will be driving you crazy. What you want and what you get are surely not going to be pleasing. Concerns with children affairs will put quite a load on you and if you are not careful, youre likely to behave in an antisocial manner. You mind can play tricks with your heart.




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