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By Chris Lambert


It is apparent that pre-natal eclipses have a powerful influence upon an unborn child. Evidently the energy dispensed during these eclipses follows us for the rest of our lives. The qualities associated with the sign it falls in, or the planet closest to that point in the chart could colour us in some significant way.

Aspecting the Sun could imply that the destiny of the person concerned, may well involve playing a prominent role in society, a person of some note, with a built-in [though often unconscious] potential or a desire for fame, glory or rising to a position of power and authority. Being aware of this aspect in the chart of a child could prove to be very helpful if parents then encourage the potential that is implied by this pre-natal eclipse.

Aspecting the Moon might suggest that the emotional nature is likely to play a major or significant part of the persons life or makeup. There may well be a great emotional drama to experience through life, or many emotional shifts, upheavals and changes to be encountered. It is also quite possible that emotional support, on some level or another, may feature quite significantly in the life. The Mother influence is also likely to be of special significance in some way.

A pre-natal eclipse aspecting Mercury would suggest that there is likely to be a keen interest in communication, in the sharing and dissemination of thoughts and ideas. A desire to expand the mind, to educate oneself, to write, to teach or lecture. In whatever way this may manifest, you can be sure that there will always be a mind eager to expand the boundaries of thought. Such a person will certainly be very active mentally.

In aspect to Venus the whole area of friendships and relationships will take on a major theme in the life concerned. This could manifest as a strong need for a relationship in order to feel fulfilled, it could also imply that it is through relationships that you learn the most about yourself. So relationships are likely to play a key role in such a life.

However, it could also manifest as the ability to see into other peoples relationships, thus providing the necessary skills for counselling and other such related activities. The only possible danger with this energy pattern is always making compromises to suit other people, trying to fit in with others to make them feel more fulfilled, whilst neglecting your own essential needs. Many counsellors can all too often be of great help to those in emotional strife and need, yet fall dismally short in terms of taking care of themselves in their own personal lives. This can be a very real danger with this energy pattern.

If a pre-natal eclipse should fall into the sign Aries, or in close proximity to the planet Mars, this might suggest that there is a need in this lifetime to have the courage to take the initiative, to break new ground, to break free of the established rules of convention and authority. Striving for leadership in the community or to spearhead new enterprises may well be in evidence in the makeup of such individuals. Martial interests or activities, sporting or athletic interest may also feature quite significantly.

In Taurus it might suggest a need to build or accumulate material wealth, assets and belongings, a strong desire for physical comforts and possessions, ownership of the tangibles in life. In Pisces [or in close proximity to the planet Neptune], the desire to play a helpful and healing role with compassion, support and understanding for the less fortunate, the underdog, those who have experienced suffering in society.

In Capricorn, the desire to achieve a degree of prestige, status and be recognised as a person of some authority in life. The need for material security is also very strong.

In aspect to Jupiter, or in the sign of Sagittarius there is a strong inclination towards an expansion of the mind in higher learning, philosophy, developing ones faith, education. Such folk are very likely going to play an important role in spreading the truth, helping others to find faith when it may be in short supply, a teaching role perhaps. Such people are most likely always eager to expand their thinking towards the broader realms and to share that knowledge with others.

A pre-natal eclipse in aspect to Saturn [or in the sign of Capricorn] could suggest that the person may strive towards achievement in terms of status, prestige and seek to play something of an authoratative role. There is likely to be a degree of self-discipline in the nature that will greatly assist in climbing the ladder of success in the eyes of the world. Often too this placement can lead to the seeking of a role in Government, the Armed Services, or some career where order, discipline or even some degree of regimentation figures.

Aspecting Uranus could add a touch of eccentricity or a marked degree of independence to the nature. Such people will not take too kindly to toeing the line and may have a touch of the rebel within. Always seeking to do things in their own way and in their own time, they are not comfortable with conformity. These people need to learn to trust their intuition, their gut feelings and follow their hunches. There could be just a touch of the genius here perhaps.

These pre-natal eclipse points will always remain a sensitive point in the chart and the qualities associated with the house concerned will be accentuated throughout the life. Transits and progressions to these points are also likely to trigger important life changing events or circumstances, or at least, set the stage for important changes yet to unfold.



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