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By Chris Lambert

The Pre-Natal New Moon can prove to be quite an important and revealing aspect in the chart, for it marks the starting point of the lunation cycle under which one is born, much like a seed that is planted in the soil, awaiting germination.

If both the New Moon and the Natal Sun are in the same sign, the qualities associated with this sign could prove to be a strong feature in the makeup of the individual, pointing to where the vital energies are likely to be focussed. [For example, if the Pre-Natal New Moon were to fall in the sign of Capricorn, then issues to do with status, prestige, authority and security are all likely to feature quite markedly in the person concerned.]

If the Pre-Natal New Moon is in the sign before, then a basic dualism can often be quite evident in the personality, with the qualities of both signs making themselves felt within the makeup of the person. Understanding this principle can be a very useful tool when interpreting a Natal Chart. Any astrological factor before birth has to do with the past [karmic or ancestral] and tends to operate on an unconscious level, so it is quite possible that we might not even be consciously aware of this factor within ourselves, though it may be very evident to others.

If the Pre-Natal New Moon and the Natal Sun occupy different signs and different houses, this can suggest somewhat of a complex nature.

When the New Moon before birth makes a very close aspect to a planet in the natal chart, this planet can be considered to be a channel of destiny through which the life energies may find release and expression. [For example, with the Pre Natal New Moon in close aspect to the Sun, this could imply a prominent and authoritative role in the public eye, a potential to rise to a position of respect, prominence carrying clout and authority.] With Mercury it could suggest writing, speaking, lecturing, using ones communication skills for the fullest possible expression in life. With Mars this could make itself felt through some form of activity that requires physical daring, courage and bravado, such as athletics, marshal arts, military service or physical training taken to the limits. With Venus, art, music, beauty products or fashion might feature strongly.

Aspecting Jupiter could suggest there is the potential to expand ones horizons and that of others also. This feature can also imply there is an ability to encourage others, providing a source of inspiration, restoring the faith of others when at its lowest ebb. An inspirational speaker perhaps, the ability to help those who have suffered in life in one way or another. Aspecting Uranus there is likely to be very strong degree of independence, the inner desire to discover new ways of doing things, not sticking to the old and the well tried methods, breaking free from the traditional and the orthodox. This can set up somewhat of a complex formula for one to work through, so life may well take on many contradictions and many unexpected turns. Dont fence me in would sit quite comfortably with one who has this aspect in the chart. There is likely to be an inner drive towards developing or becoming involved with humanitarian activities and concerns.

Making an aspect to Neptune could imply an imaginative nature with a natural leaning towards writing and literature, poetry, art, music or anything cultural or creative. A yearning for something a little beyond the ordinary and the mundane. It could also suggest a higher degree of sensitivity than most people, which could lend itself well to the development of the intuitive side of the nature, being very psychic indeed. Dealing with the harsh realities of life may prove somewhat of a challenge for such folk since they feel things so strongly and can all too often be rather oversensitive.

With the Pre Natal New Moon aspecting Pluto this might suggest that power, control and authority may feature in the nature of the person, or that such issues may arise throughout the life of the individual through interaction with other people. With this pre-natal New Moon placement there will, in all probability, be situations arising throughout life that centre around being in control of people or situations, even without the person being consciously aware of this aspect of themselves.

Deep seated psychological behaviour patterns from past lives may need to be identified and transformed this time around.

The Sabian symbol for the degree of the New Moon before birth can provide significant clues as to the tone and direction of the life, with particular emphasis through the duration of the first progressed lunation cycle.

Just like two partners in a relationship, the Sun and Moon form the focal point around which the dynamics of life will revolve.

The lack of an aspect between the Sun and Moon can suggest a deep need to search more deeply for answers in life, and any planet that makes a square, a conjunction or an exact angle to the mid-point can be very important also.

The phase of the Moon we are born into simply points to what we need to understand and to experience this time around. The Moon phase chosen by the soul is appropriate for the fulfilment of Saturns karmic formula. By drawing from the past [the Moon], we aim towards the purpose of the present incarnation, as indicated by the Sun Sign.


Associated with Aries; key words are, emerge, initiate, project. Symbolically coming out of the dark.

These people are very often builders and visionaries, idealistic and can often be motivated by a somewhat one-eyed enthusiasm. Very single minded and can be rather self-concerned, self-oriented or self-centred in an innocent sort of way, much like a child coming from an instinctual sense of I want, and I want it now. One of the key lessons to be learnt with this placement could be that of cultivating patience.

There can often be a sense of only seeing things subjectively [no reflected light from the New Moon], so this suggests a need to develop objectivity in this lifetime. This could prove to be a focal point for the personality. Although with the New Moon, there is little reflected light to fully discern the shape of things yet to be manifested, these folk are here to emerge, intuit some new possibility or potential and strive to project that out into the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

New Moon people should maintain a high intake of fluids, with special emphasis on the liver and kidneys together with the water balance in the body. The positions of the Sun and the house with the sign Leo on the cusp may prove to be significant in their lives. The house position of the Sun shows the activities to be initiated and the house with Leo on the cusp point to areas in which these goals might be established.

[Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale, The Dalai Lama].  Keywords: Focus and move forward:


A struggle to overcome the ghosts of the past positively and once the past has been balanced these people can become success oriented. Initially they feel overwhelmed by their dependencies and their past. The challenge here is to break the attitudes and traditions of their family of origin and develop a whole new identity for themselves.

Resistance against moving forward is something crescent moon phase people need to overcome in this lifetime. They become stronger as they develop faith in themselves and need to learn persistence and determination. The Sign position of the Moon and the house with Cancer on the cusp could prove to be of significance in their lives. 

The Sabian symbol of the degree of the Moon points to the habit patterns that crescent Moon people must depolarise. The house in which the Moon is posited shows the kind of activities which have to be changed in order to make this cycle of experience effective. The house with Cancer on the cusp indicates where the personality must eventually prove it has broken from the past and where they need to strive for fresh ideals.

The nervous system is linked to crescent moon phase people, with Dane Rudyar describing them as assertive people with a link to the past.

[John Kennedy - Indira Ghandi]


Keywords: Decide, act and build.

This is a strong and forceful phase with life presenting many challenges. Self motivation is the strongest trait of the first quarter personality. The tension of the square provides determination and force which usually leads to a successful life in terms of the material world. These people often have to encounter more than their fair share of crises in life which propels them ever forward. The crises can be brought about by the fear of taking action [though this is exactly what they need to do], whilst at other times they can be brought about because of acting too hastily. A balance is required here.

Many first quarter phase Moon people actually thrive on the intensity that crises create, and subsequently their personal lives are rarely just plain sailing.

These folk often grow up in environments where the parents were either very different in their approach to life, or even possibly at odds with each other. [Not necessarily a foregone conclusion however]. This can result in an inbuilt belief system that the male [Sun] - female [Moon] principles do not harmonise. This is an important lesson for these people to grasp if they are to enjoy successful relationships themselves. Integrating these two principles into their own make-up is an important challenge for them.

Commitment to taking deliberate action to develop workable and productive structures in their lives is the challenge of the first quarter phase. Muscles and blood pressure are linked to this phase of the Moon.

Jupiter and the sign Sagittarius are often quite significant in their charts. The sabian symbol for the degree of Jupiter can point to the reason why they need to establish themselves in society. The house in which Jupiter resides shows where they may make an impression on society and the house with Sagittarius on the cusp can reveal the department of life where this impression is  most readily or most likely to leave its imprint.

Shirley McLain, Joseph Stalin.


Keywords;            evaluate, analyse and perfect - but not criticise.

The Moon is approaching fullness so things need to be improved and perfected in order to reap the harvest of the Full Moon. This is why there is often a feeling of dissatisfaction felt by these people, they often are drawn to continually adjust things [or people] to their own satisfaction. They may continually analyse both themselves and others in order to find better ways of doing things or improving people and situations.

Their minds are often sharp and keen and they are always asking why and how things are the way they are - they have a good spirit of enquiry. These people are living just on the brink of illumination [which comes more with the full Moon phase] and they are often aware that they are just on the brink of clarity and want things to be perfect. They may need to guard against the possibility of judging others from their own personal standpoint alone. Being less judgmental could prove to be quite a challenge for these people.

It is important for them to achieve something tangible and once they do, they can then feel happier with life. These folk will work hard to achieve something in life, but may be somewhat intolerant of those who do not seem to put the same degree of effort into things. There is a degree of efficiency and attention to detail; order and structure seem important, but they do need to guard against becoming too dogmatic in their views, insisting that theirs is the only way of doing things.

The bony structure of the body is associated with the Gibbous Phase.

The position of Saturn together with the house cusp of Capricorn could prove to be of some significance and could point to which area of life most likely to be of importance. The house in which Saturn is resident will also be of significance to these people and could suggest where they are most likely to be rigid and inflexible [qualities of Saturn]. This department of life is where Karma will be reflected. [For example, a 7th House Saturn might imply that it is the area of relationships that needs more give and take or flexibility because of past rigidity].

Prince Charles: Hilary Clinton. 



Keywords:            culminate - reach the highest point, illuminate.

The Sun and Moon are in opposition with this phase and the Moon will reflect fully the light of the Sun and shine in all her fullness. The discovery of what it means to live a purposeful life with conscious intention is the challenge for Full Moon people.

These people have the advantage of reflecting fully the Suns light, and with this illumination can see the full reason behind things, since there is a degree of enlightenment about them. They can display full conscious awareness of what is to be done when viewing the challenges confronting others, but may not always have the same degree of wisdom or objectivity when it comes to making those choices for themselves.

These people can be illuminated souls possessing the necessary wisdom and insight to clearly point the way for others, much like a torch illuminating the path at night. Because of the opposition they can see both sides of themselves and others, which makes relationships very important to them. It is through relationships that these people learn to create balance in their lives.

Reconciliation of opposing forces is their main aim in life, finding a balance between spirit and soul. For this reason they make fine counsellors and negotiators.

The parental experience may have been one of opposing forces with the Sun-Moon opposition, and reaching self-realisation through relationships is their challenge in life. The trap can be for many full Moon people, engaging in a search for the ideal and perfect partner, instead of working toward creating balance in an existing relationship. Their cry might be if only I could find the right partner - things would be fine. For relationships to be lasting and meaningful they must develop an awareness of their own projections or expectations onto the partner, by developing objectivity regarding how they relate to the other.

The eyes, circulation and water balance are related to Full Moon types.

The position of Mercury plus the house cusps of both Gemini and Virgo could prove to be of significance to Full Moon people. The sabian symbol for the degree of Mercury points to the purpose of awareness in this life, and the house position shows where these experiences in life are likely to be found. [ie. a 10th house Mercury is likely to suggest a life in the public eye, reaching out through communication skills to touch the lives of the many].

The house with Gemini on the cusp reveals the area in life where this awareness needs to be applied and the house with Virgo on the cusp indicates where this awareness can be efficiently organised into a systematic approach to life.



Disseminating Moon people have the ability to communicate and share their information. This life should therefore encompass some form of teaching, talking and interacting with others. They have all the wisdom and knowledge gained from the Full Moon phase so the awareness gained should be shared with others.

Group participation draws these people for they have a strong desire to link and interact with others. Ideally they should be open and non judgmental, able to value all viewpoints.

They must be careful not to become too overly involved in causes or lost in their own beliefs. They do make good public relations or media people.

The positions of Venus together with the signs Taurus and Libra are usually of some significance. The Sabian symbol for the degree of Venus will point to the motivation behind the values the person will adopt to make life worthwhile. The House containing Venus will reveal activities that can transform their personal values to what is necessary. The house with Taurus on the cusp indicates where personal love can be best utilised. The house with Libra on the cusp indicates where social values will most strongly manifest for the life to be fulfilling.

The glands and productive system are associated with this Moon type.

Bill Clinton, Carl Jung and Adolf Hitler.



This is still a square aspect but not action-oriented like the first quarter. It is more to do with the inner realm of thought and most last quarter phase Moon people are inwardly directed. Because they are more inclined to the realm of thought, they can appear hidden and difficult to get to know. Their lives can be marked by continually turning away from what they have accomplished.

The inner conflict is not so noticeable as the first quarter, but disillusionment is a common feature. They usually go through at least one major life-altering event, which can bring them to a point of acceptance. This can be a life of rebelling against the status quo and destroying old, limiting ideologies. With the first quarter phase the impulse is to act, at the last quarter resolutions are experienced more inwardly.

The position of Uranus is usually of significance as is the sign Aquarius. The house in which Uranus is found points to the area of life where the most disruption might occur, also where we might be at our most rebellious and independent, together with breaking away from the outworn. The house with Aquarius on the cusp indicates where the consciousness can be most effective in bringing forth new and innovative ideas for the benefit of the whole.

The blood and the liver are linked to this Moon type.

Marc Edmund Jones and Albert Einstein.  



This is the final waning phase of the Moon and a time of release: the dark phase, somewhat mysterious and secret. The mysteries of transformation and renewal take place during this phase since this is the closure phase. These people experience many endings in their lives and will meet many people from past lifetimes with whom they have unfinished karmic business.

They are given the chance to reconcile old differences, bring peace and resolution and heal broken hearts with both those they have loved and those that have been enemies in past lifetimes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Much of their life is geared to tying up loose ends in readiness for a new beginning. These people make excellent nurses, counsellors and advisors, for they are sensitive and compassionate. They seem to attract unusual people with unusual problems. They need to develop a strong commitment to the future and often hear the future calling. They are different and often feel a sense of the hand of destiny touching their lives.

The position of Mars and the placement of the sign Scorpio will be of significance. The house where Mars falls is the area of life where much effort needs to be applied to harmonise with the future, and the cusp on which Scorpio falls points to areas that are in need of transformation in readiness for the next incarnation.

The Sabian symbol for the degree of Mars points to the experiences that can turn their physical and emotional energies into positive avenues. This phase is associated with infections, allergies, the lymph glands and the immune system.

A lack of an aspect between Sun and Moon can reveal the profound need to search for an answer to the meaning of each incarnation in order to function harmoniously in this life. Like two people in a partnership, the relationship between the Sun and Moon reveal the focal point around which the dynamics of the chart will revolve.   

The progressed lunation cycle is a structure or a back-drop against which transits etc., shape life events, rather than pinpointing a specific date at which something is likely to happen.

The position of the Part of Fortune points to the quality of life possible once balance between self and the world has been attained and the house it falls in might suggest that area of life where it is most likely to be experienced, or possibly where we need to apply ourselves the most in order to find that balance.       

A planet in aspect to the Part of Fortune could suggest the type of energies that need to be applied to bring about this balance and alignment within oneself.

The sign in which it falls is also of some significance as is the ruler of that house and its position in the chart. For example in Aries, success through taking the initiative using pioneering means to achieve success through ones own efforts. The ruler of Aries is Mars [in the 10th house] pointing to success possible through applying ones efforts to the public sector, such as politics or a leader in some area ; or in Sagittarius, perhaps a top sporting personality.

At the New Moon the Part of Fortune will be on the Ascendant which suggests that the person will be seen to be striving for success, whereas at the full Moon it will be on the descendant so they will look for others to assist them along the way. Their success is more likely to come through a partnership.

Transits and Progressions over this point are very important with special emphasis on the Progressed Moon. New Moons, Full Moons and eclipses over this point can also be significant. The progressed Part of Fortune shows the area in which the self is unfolding in relationship to the Sun/Moon potential.


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