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By Ross Rugdee

When the Moon is in the Zodiac sign at your birth day, that's what is call your Moon-Sign. There are many Astrologers, Ephemeris and Astrological books that will show you where the Moon is position on your date of birth - look for them or it up!

Aries Moon: Once ignited by feelings you can go to the extreme like a thunder bolt. You have strong and sensitive feelings and can be a do or die leader with your commitments. The problem with you is that you can be easily distracted and likely to be hot headed. That energy of your is like fire, you can do lots of good or be burn out.
Taurus Moon: You're good with your feelings, caring and loving. You're sensitive to your loved ones needs and can be a great protector. It can be said that you're strong minded and determine to have your own ways. You're not afraid to do your utmost to bring security and stability to all concern. You are a success maker in your own way.
Gemini Moon: You surely have multi-interests and can be child-like with your excitement of people and things. It can be real fun to observe you always being up-to-something or other, but it is certainly not ease living with you. You are predictable is an unpredictable way and usually befuddle other. You love to play pranks and test the ground that others stand on and dislike being too settle and routine.
Cancer Moon: You are always caring and supportive of family members and closed -relationships. You believe that happiness begins at home and if someone is not true to thier own, how can they be true to others? When you take a liking to someone, they are treated like family, with all the food and attention to strengthen the relationship.
Leo Moon: You are a good and strong leader with the right placing of your heart and head in most matters, and when dealing with others. You will leave your impression on most people with the special way you do things, especially with those who have touched your heart and with your fair mindedness. With the right circle around you it could mostly be happy times with you.
Virgo Moon: Your way of caring is with responsibility and true dedication to the purpose of the relationship. You lead by example and will take responsibilities as it appear. You like to keep things clean and tidy and acountable. You are reallistic about difficulties and responsibilities and treat it as details to be sorted out mutually. You put serious attention where your feelings are.
Libra Moon: Feelings are not an easy issue for you to handle and you can't stand disharmony and anything unpleasant. You need a caring partner with lots of loving, giving and will usually perfer someone who love you more. It's all about balance and you can be judgemental once the balance is disturbed. Good feeling is like food for strength to you, especially if it is of the loving kind.
Scorpio Moon: You are used to the unsettled kind of feelings and when someone shows care and attention, you are taken in every time and all the time. You understand difficulties and can size up the people around you, but not the real way you should tackle the situation. Knowing is one thing but acting it out is another where you're concern.  Finding out how bad is bad is one of your favourite notion.
Sagittarius Moon: You like to explore with feelings and have the habit to give others the benefit of the doubt. You want to see how far you can go building good relationship and do reward others well. You can go most places and build good contacts and feel at home with different places and cultures. Your feeling is build for the better good for all and through learned knowledge in the form of "live and learn."
Capricorn Moon: You have a powerful business-like nature and your feeling in concern with the future and what you can make out of it. You have to deal with the important issues before you can feel settle and comfortable. You are alway concerntrating on something or other and do not like to be distrubed. You got to get business out of the way before you are ready to pay attention to other emotional issues.
Aquarius Moon: You are selective about the group and people you choose to associate with. You prefer the idea-people and those who use their creative feeling for the long term interests. Seeing the big picture is more important to you than for the "here-and-now. " You will be respected for your "can do" attitude and the ability in face of difficulties. You are at your best in difficult times and doing the hard-shifft.
Pisces Moon: You have the inner strength to help the "downers" and turn them to "winners." You often see good in others and find the good qualities that most would not see. You tend to draw the troubled-kind towards you and most people in trouble know that you are the one who understand them. Out of complication come happiness seem to be your way of life. It looks like you can recycle feelings without wasting them - the healer and counsellor.

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